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In the midst of profound changes brought about by the development and application of Artificial Intelligence, both Croatian and global media have been incessantly discussing AI, debating its implications and whether it should be stopped or embraced. What is crystal clear is that AI today is what the internet was 30 years ago, and soon there will be no industry or aspect of life untouched by it. Futurologists agree that the next 10 years will witness more changes than the past 100 years.
But how exactly is AI reshaping our everyday lives? How does it affect our jobs and personal lives? The key lies in demystification, and that is achieved through education.
While it is believed that 300-400 million jobs are at risk, it is often overlooked that an equal number of new jobs are emerging. The productivity of all of us is increasing. The possibilities, accessibility, and quality of education, healthcare, environmental protection, and transportation infrastructure are exponentially growing.
Simultaneously, a group of experts has signed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on the development of AI technologies. Italy has temporarily banned the use of ChatGPT for a month. We aim to bring together individuals who care about the AI topic - teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, policy makers, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, journalists, artists, and more - to hear diverse perspectives and create a space where well-founded expert opinions are exchanged.
On this occasion, their insights will share Hrvoje Bujas, an accomplished entrepreneur and the President of UGP, who successfully established Croatia's first robot restaurant; Petra Horvatović, Art Manager and Board Member at CroAI; Ivan Biliškov, Founder and CEO of Codeasy; and Martina Silov, the Executive Director at CroAI.

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